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My name is Don Goetz and I have been a full time UX Designer since 2009. I graduated from Bentley College (now Bentley University) in 2008 with a Degree in Information Design and Corporate Communication. After undergrad, I spent a year in the Human Factors in Information Design program at Bentley while also interning at Liberty Mutual. From there I started working full time as a UX designer, which I have worked for a variety of companies and clients. Throughout my carrer, I have worked in almost every field imaginable, include medical (both software and devices), financial, agricultural, aerospace, weather, engineering, and power generation to name a few.

My skill set in the design field is also very diverse. I specialize in requirements gathering, Information Architecture, and wireframing, but I also have extensive experience in User Research and User Testing.

I currently live north of Boston with my wife Nikki, our four beautiful daughters, Holly, Kaylee, and twins Charlotte and Allison.

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